“One of the most unique acts I have ever seen.”


Headlining nightly in
las vegas

For over 14 years Gerry McCambridge has been headlining in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Casino. The show is nightly at 7:30PM.

He has performed his one man, award winning show “The Mentalist” over 4,000 times in Las Vegas making him the longest running and most successful Mentalist show in Las Vegas history!

“Your wit is amazing. We laughed our butts off. I am your biggest fan!”


Author and Keynote speaker

Gerry’s best selling autobiography “Making The Mentalist” has inspired thousands of people around the world.

Gerry’s “Passion and Persistence” keynote speech is based on the book and has motivated and inspired thousands to never give up on their dreams, no matter what obstacles are placed in their way.

During the keynote Gerry teaches his plateau reward system for accomplishing goals and dreams.


“Your story and performance is so inspiring!”


Who is the mentalist

From the age of 10 years old, Gerry was fascinated by magic.  He started to study the art as a hobby.  Years later he took his love for magic, and mixed it with the observational skills he learned from his father, a New York City Detective, to create the character of “The Mentalist.”

In the 1980’s Gerry was headlining as “The Mentalist” in Comedy Clubs across the country and also specialized in entertaining at Fortune 500 corporate events. He performed at “A-List” celebrity parties. Gerry has appeared on countless radio and TV talk shows.

In 1999, the International Magicians Society presented Gerry with the “Merlin Award” for “Mentalist of the Decade”.  Gerry was the first mentalist in history to receive the Merlin award for mentalism since the organizations inception in 1968.

In 2002 Gerry wrote his first TV show titled “The Mentalist.”  Jeff Zucker, the president of NBC had witnessed Gerry’s live performances many times, and instantly signed the show for his network. Gerry became the creator, executive producer and star of the hit prime-time network television show “The Mentalist.” It aired to millions around the world in countries such as United States, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., South Korea, Canada, Africa, Thailand, India, the Netherlands and the Middle East in May 2004.

CBS thought the concept of merging the skills of a mentalist with a detective was so interesting, they contacted Gerry and asked him to help with a weekly TV series based on that premise.

Later that summer in 2004 the Psychic Entertainers Association, an international organization of his peers, awarded Gerry for his “Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Mentalism.” Also in the summer of 2004 Gerry performed his one man show “The Mentalist” to critical acclaim Off-Broadway in New York City and made his acting debut in the movie “Mattie Fresno and the Holofulx Universe.” In 2005 the Psychic Entertainers Association again awarded Gerry. This time he received the “Mentalist of the Year” award.

In October 2007 Gerry starred in the reality television series “Phenomenon” with Criss Angel, Kim Kardashian, Carmen Electra and Holly Madison.

In August 2008, the International Magicians Society presented Gerry with the “Merlin Award” for “Mentalist of the Year.”

In 2013 the Bravo TV show “Millionaire Matchmaker” tried (unsuccessfully) to find Gerry the love of his life (season 7, episode 15).  Gerry also made a cameo appearance on the hit TV show “Pawn Stars.” 

“Your creativity and performance is inspiring!”


Play Video

The Mentalist has a YouTube channel if you want to watch him reading minds and amazing New York City tourists.

“Impressive….VERY Impressive!”


Well worth a visit, haven’t a clue how he does it though. Very nice gentleman aswell, after show he took time to chat to people.
Went with family and friends. The show moved at a fast pace. It was a small venue so it felt very intimate and all good seats. A lot of audience participation. Left us all wondering how he did it. Would definitely go back again.

“You are the undisputed champ of Mentalism!”


Mentalist Souvenirs

Gerry’s life story has become a best seller. Gerry used his skills to not only control his own destiny but to control the world around him. Like the Phoenix, he rose from his own ashes.

Anyone who has faced adversity will gain inspiration from Gerry’s compelling story. They will be melted by his candor, amazed at his resourcefulness and goal setting ability and warmed by his magic. Through his story, they will learn to find their own inner magic.

Gerry’s best selling book is also in audio form. Listen as Gerry reads the entire book to you.

If you purchased a USB copy of the book, and need assistance, click HERE.

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Gerry’s Magic and Mindreading kit has over 100 tricks you can perform. You too can learn magic and how to be a mindreader.