Gerry McCambridge

Who is the Mentalist

Gerry took his love for magic, and mixed it with the observational skills he learned from his father, a New York City Detective, to create the character of “The Mentalist.”

In 2002 Gerry wrote his first TV show titled “The Mentalist.” The show aired on NBC to millions in the United States. It also aired in Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., South Korea, Canada, Africa, Thailand, India, the Netherlands and the Middle East.

After seeing Gerry perform, CBS thought the concept of merging the skills of a mentalist with a detective was so interesting, they contacted Gerry and asked him to help with a weekly TV series based on that premise. The producers wanted to express their thanks so they gave Gerry a shout out in season 5, episode 13, by naming a character in the show “Mr. McCambridge!”

In the summer of 2004 Gerry performed his one man show “The Mentalist” to critical acclaim Off-Broadway in New York City. In 2005 Gerry moved his show to Las Vegas where he was voted the “Best Magic Show” in all of Las Vegas, and is ranked in the Top 10 Las Vegas tourist attractions by TripAdvisor.

Las Vegas Headliner

Since opening in Las Vegas in 2005, Gerry’s one man show has been a ​huge success. He currently headlines nightly at 7:30PM at the V Theater ​in the Planet Hollywood Casino.

In honor of being the longest running Mentalist show in Las Vegas history ​with over 5,000 Las Vegas performances, the New Las Vegas Walk of S​tars is proud to announce Gerry McCambridge will be the next recipient t​o be immortalized by receiving a star on the Las Vegas Strip on July 31, 2​024 at 8:00PM in front of the Paris Casino. The unveiling ceremony is o​pen to the public.

G​erry McCambridge will be the very first Magician and Mentalist to ever b​e immortalized on the Las Vegas strip. Past recipients to be honored w​ith a star on the Las Vegas strip include Donny & Marie, Gloria Estefan, D​ean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Trini Lopez, Bobby Darin, Frankie Valli and T​he Four Seasons, Elvis Presley, Wayne Newton and Engelbert H​umperdinck.

Best Selling Author

Gerry McCambridge’s peculiar gift sets him apart from the average magician. He reads minds, manipulates people's thoughts and completely leaves his audience spellbound, and he does it without a magic wand, pretty show girls or elaborate props.

What makes Gerry even more endearing is his life story and why he had to learn to read people's minds. Gerry used his newly developed magic skills to not only control his own destiny but to control the world around him. Like the Phoenix, he rose from his own ashes.

Anyone who has faced adversity will gain inspiration from Gerry's compelling story. They will be melted by his candor, amazed at his resourcefulness and goal setting ability and warmed by his magic. Through his story, they will learn to find their own inner magic.

Corporate Speaker

From the age of 9 years old, Gerry McCambridge was fascinated by magic. He started to study the art as a hobby. He soon realized he wanted to be a full time entertainer.

Gerry has been a professional mentalist for more than thirty-six years. In the 1980’s Gerry started performing as “The Mentalist” in Comedy Clubs, Fortune 500 corporate events, and ultra exclusive “A-List” celebrity parties.

Occasionally Gerry leaves Las Vegas to perform at private functions and corporate events around the world.

Contact Gerry

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3663 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 360

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

United States

Telephone: (866) 932-1818