A Tier One Relationship

In the past, I thought it was your partners resposibility to make you happy. But after two failed marriages, I decided to change my way of thinking.  I promised myself my next relationship had to be different to last. For many years I have lived with the mindset of living each day as if it was going to be my last. I decided to carry that mindset over into my next relationship.

Tony Robbins is a personal friend of mine,  and he taught me that when my partners needs truly became my needs, I would have a tier one relationship. Having that type of relationship was something I never had before.

In 2015 Tony instructed me to make a detailed list of everything I was looking for in my future partner. One of the things I put on my list was I wanted a beautiful woman who could walk a red carpet with me and look totally stunning,  and still be just as beautiful in sweats and a tee shirt while lounging around the house.  I actually used the words “beauty queen” when I described her on my list. I focused on the list and used the power of positive thing and the laws of attraction to manifest her.

In 2017  I met a stunning beautiful girl at my show who asked if she could take a photo with me. After I agreed, she reached into her purse and unrolled a beauty pageant sash. We posed for a photo, and I invited her to dinner that night.

Soon after we started dating. After 8 months of dating, she told me she felt as if she won the lottery when she met me. She told her best friend if we broke up, she would never be able to find another man who treated her like I did. She didn’t know what Tony told me, but hearing words like that from her made me realize I was finally doing something right and I may finally be in a tier one relationship, with my beauty Queen. 

The Mentalist and Sarai