Making The Mentalist

by Gerry McCambridge

Gerry McCambridge is The Mentalist. His peculiar gift sets him apart from the average magician. He reads minds, manipulates people's thoughts and completely leaves his audience spellbound, and he does it without a magic wand, pretty show girls or elaborate props. 

Gerry's incredible stage presence is what led NBC to offer him a one-hour network prime time television special which aired internationally to millions around the world in countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., South Korea, Canada, Africa, Thailand, India, the Netherlands and the Middle East. 

Gerry has been a professional mentalist for more than thirty years. He has been hired by many Fortune 500 companies. Gerry has been a Las Vegas Strip headliner since June, 2005. He is the longest running mentalist show in the history of Las Vegas.

In 2014, the Las Vegas Review Journal Reader's Poll voted Gerry as the "Best Magic Show" in Las Vegas. What makes Gerry even more endearing is his life story and why he had to learn to read people's minds. Gerry used his newly developed magic skills to not only control his own destiny but to control the world around him. Like the Phoenix, he rose from his own ashes. 

Anyone who has faced adversity will gain inspiration from Gerry's compelling story. They will be melted by his candor, amazed at his resourcefulness and goal setting ability and warmed by his magic. Through his story, they will learn to find their own inner magic.

Gerry hopes the reader will learn from his story, so he offers a FREE downloadable PDF version of the book. If you want an autographed paperback version, or the USB audio book, you can use the links below to order yours today.

"Making the Mentalist" currently available on paperback or USB audio book.

"Making the Mentalist" currently available on paperback or USB audio book.