The Human Postcard

Gerry uses sexy Tia Carrere and the entire audience to build a human postcard.

Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow gets shocked and amazed by the Mentalist.

Deal or No Deal Models

The Mentalist reads the minds of the "Deal or No Deal" girls.

Driving and Crashing in NYC Traffic

Gerry travels 30mph through Times Square traffic on a motorized scooter, BLINDFOLDED!

The Girls Next Door

The stars from "The Girls Next Door" take aim as Gerry is the human target.

NYC Firefighters

Gerry explores and cracks the tight bond between fire fighters.

Two Men Taste The Same

Gerry explores is a taste be transferred from one audience member to another?

Mental Matchmaking

Gerry plays matchmaker with the studio audience.

Shocking NYC Tourists

Gerry stops random New Yorkers at a magazine stand and tries to read their minds.

The Twin Connection

If Gerry utilizes one twin, will the other one experience the same feeling?