When You Least Expect It

After getting totally frustrated with dating web sites and dating apps, I decided to delete them all and take a much needed break. I wanted to celebrate my birthday and have a Halloween party for my family and friends. Since my actual birthday is on Halloween, my party was a costume optional party.

The party was fun and hectic. I was busy playing host, and socializing all night long. A week after the party, a reporter friend sent me the photos her boyfriend, who happens to be a professional photographer, took at my party. It was great to see all the images of all my friends enjoying themselves.

I came across a photo of a lady, dressed as Captain America, posing in front of my Batman memorabilia collection. Actually the photographer took 6 different photos of this beautiful woman. She had beautiful blue eyes and a warm smile. It struck me as strange that he took so many photos of her, and it was just as strange that I had no clue who was under the mask.

I carefully inspected every photo from the party to see if there was any other photos of her without her mask, but there was none to be found. Who was this masked beauty, in my house… at MY birthday party?

I posted her photo on my Facebook page and asked my friends if anyone knew who she was. A friend told me he was in a cosplay group and thinks she is in the group as well. She dresses like Princess Lea from Star Wars and Wonder Woman and visits children’s hospitals. He said he didn’t know her personally, but thought her name was Serena. He thought she was a realtor in Las Vegas. I searched social media and found her! I sent her a message and asked how she wound up at my party. She told me a friend of my friend invited her.

We continued texting and realized we had so much in common, that we had to meet for dinner. On November 11th, I took her to dinner for her birthday. It was our first date, and we have been inseparable since.

The moral of this story…. have faith, because when you least expect it, the person of your dreams WILL appear in your life. It will happen when the time is right, and when your heart is ready to accept love.